Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camping's Followers, You Are Not Alone!

As I saw the billboard that stated May 21st was Judgment Day, I shook my head and dismissed it. I bet a lot of Christians did the same thing. While hanging with friends, we discussed it, and I realized I was a lot more upset about it than I originally thought. I watched a few news reports, and I felt sickened.

To your average Christian, Camping was obviously a false teacher. The nonbeliever thought he and his followers were nuts. Christ said, "No man knows the day or the hour, not even the angels."(Matthew 24:36) And I just thought to myself, "If there is one scripture that left no doubt, it was that one." I just could not see how this was debatable. So, I wondered, besides Revelation and the Old Testament, what other parts of the bible had Camping's followers read?

I saw his followers on the news as they were asked about their beliefs that the Rapture was May 21st. One lady stated that none of her family and friends believed. She was so sure she was right. Another family dragged their teen son and daughters to pass out pamphlets and proclaim what would happen on May 21st. One mother told her daughter she was not going to be "raptured." Wrong. Just wrong. Yet others sold their belongings, broke up happy homes, etc., etc. Camping, however, did not close the doors to Family Radio. This could be for many reasons. Some of them good. He did not give away all of his belongings or savings, either.

Those that followed him were probably shocked. I hope a large number of them simply shrugged their shoulders, prayed for guidance, and had a chat with their local clergy on Sunday. For the few disenchanted, pissed off, hurt and dismayed by this, do not lose your faith in God. Take to your bible, and read words of encouragement. It is a scary world, but trust God. And trust God alone. You are low today, but you won't be always. I know it is hard. Believe me, I understand that. It's much easier to trust people than God. Even people who have failed you over and over again. They are tangible and can be seen. But place all that trust in God.

Psalm 118:8 said "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." Despite your loss, God will make a way and He will see you through. And for the one teen girl, whose mother told her she won't be raptured, forgive your mother. She's been hoodwinked and blinded for whatever reason. She needs your prayers and your forgiveness. Are there underlying reasons people followed Camping without reading God's Word themselves? Yes. But what they need now is compassion and either help back to God or help trusting Him. The least we can do is pray for their spiritual well-being.

I hope the next go around, whether from Camping (he, by the way, said the date was wrong and the new date is five months from now) or others, there will be less people listening. And a lot less media attention. What is needed is more people reading and studying God's Word. I hope more people did to see if he was right, and in turn, read more. That is my prayer.

Be encouraged and blessed!

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